Friday, April 8, 2011

Contribution to New Contrast Automated

Get published in New Contrast, The South African Literary Journal

We have implemented an automatic submission process for New Contrast contributions. Each type (poetry, prose, flash fiction, essays, literary reviews, short stories) and language(Afrikaans, English and African languages) has their own category.

Contributions that were submitted in the past, will still be considered on a first come, first served basis. e-Mail submissions will NOT be considered from now on, only website submissions.

Only contributions of writers who are subscribers will be considered from the next issue. You can have either a paper subscription for R250 RSA and R500 International, or an e-subscription for only R100. If you can't afford this, please contact us about sponsorship.

Subscribe to New Contrast online by credit card (preferred method for International subscribers) or by EFT (get our banking details here for electronic bank transfer - RSA preferred method).

For any new contributions, please use the new system here Submit your contribution to New Contrast

Contributors can have their own webpage on New Contrast website

We would like to add a new facility to our services at New Contrast. When a New Issue comes out, we are now creating a web page for each issue with a list of authors and their contributions. We were wondering if you would be interested to have your own full profile page on our New Contrast website with links to your own website(s) to improve your Google ranking.

The more links you have into your website from other 'appropriate' websites, the more Google thinks it is a site of significance, likes it more, increases the site's rank, and the more likely you are to get visits to your website. They even have a term for it; it's called Google link-love.

Both Hugh and I each have more than thirty years' computer experience. We are happy to help you to improve your Computer and Internet savvy, and get better Search Engine Optimization.

Please let us know if you are interested in the website linking option: contact us.

Links to other web blog pages for submissions and contributors

Get Published in New Contrast

Contributions to New Contrast need to use Automated Process

Contributors need to be subscribed to New Contrast

Contributors can have their own webpage on New Contrast Website

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