Monday, June 6, 2011

New Contrast needs your help

How you can help New Contrast

We have a number of our 50th birthday issues left over. It is a bumper issue with some of the original poets of the 1960s (Nadine Gordimer, Jack Cope, Etienne LeRoux, Ingrid Jonker, Uys Krige and more) as well as more contemporary poets and writers. If we could sell these issues would be great = R100 (local) R130 (International). We believe a bit of Africana and part of our heritage.

Have a look on our blog at New Contrast 50th Birthday-bash for a write-up of the event.

We have an article that we would like to get into newspapers both local and national if possible, or even magazines would be great. If you can help us here I will forward it to you.

Another way to help is to get a collection going to sponsor back-copies or a subscription of new contrast to get into your local schools in the hope of them subscribing next year.

Also very few of our local libraries stock New Contrast. If we can get it into all local libraries would also be fantastic. So if we knew who the people were to contact (the ones that make the decisions) would also help.

Give a family member or a friend a gift subscription of New Contrast for their birthday or for Christmas.

Have a look at our New Contrast website by clicking on the underlined link below:
New Contrast website link

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Steps in automated submission process

Steps to use in Automated submission process

INSTRUCTIONS to submit in Submishmash

Submit literature to New Contrast

In the Submission manager

Scroll down till you find the type of submission you want to make e.g.

  • Afrikaanse kortverhale
  • English Poetry
  • English Prose
  • English Review
  • African Flash Fiction
  • Etc

Select the one you want by clicking on the Submit button.

This will bring you to a new screen where you need to type in your details (only the first time)

Your name, surname, e-mail

Choose a username this can be a nom-de-plume, nickname, your name and surname strung together, just about anything goes.

Choose a password that you will remember (it needs to be at least 6 characters).

Click the Create account and continue button

Once you are in, it will ask you for your physical address – so that we can send you your complimentary copy, the biography comes later.

Once you have completed this form, click the save address and continue button at the bottom of the page.

Don’t fill in the state/province (this is only for USA)

Type in the name/title of your work; poetry/review/prose/etc

Click the Select File button and browse for your document in your file folders. Click on your work (one poem per submission please, unless it has multiple parts). This will upload it.

Below this there is another link that looks like this

Trouble uploading? Try the basic upload form.

It uses the more basic browser form as an alternative. You can use either method.

Please add you biography

You can cut and paste it from an existing document too.

Once you have uploaded your document with your poetry, prose, etc. from your computer, a Submit to the South African literary journal - New Contrast button will appear. Click this.

You will have submitted your first work. You can submit more by using the blue underlined links that says submit again

Next time you will only need to log in with your username and password. Please keep it in a safe place.

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Get Published in New Contrast

Contributions to New Contrast need to use Automated Process

Contributors need to be subscribed to New Contrast

Contributors can have their own webpage on New Contrast Website