Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Contrast uses Monsterpay

New MonsterPay Features

Virtual Credit Card Terminal

The Virtual Credit Card Terminal now makes it possible to accept totally secure credit card payments over the phone, or in person, without the need for a POS terminal. Buyers often feel unsure about disclosing their credit card details to a merchant, whether this is done face to face, online, or telephonically. The Virtual Credit Card Terminal offers a solution to this problem!

The principle behind this innovative payment method is that the merchant is not given access to all of the buyer’s credit card information. The buyer receives an instant payment request via SMS or email, whereby they must submit their CVV number to MonsterPay.

This ensures that the CVV number is inaccessible to the merchant, and the buyer can rest assured that no transaction can be processed without their knowledge and consent. This security measure gives both the buyer and the merchant even greater protection.

Contributors to New Contrast

Contributor Information Page

Contributors need to have a subscription to be published in New Contrast (either an e-sub, a paper subscription, or both).

You will be published in the e-issue as well as the paper issue, as long as you have a subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I have a paper subscription and an e-subscription? Yes, with pleasure.

  • If I choose an e-subscription will I still be published in the printed magazine? Yes, definitely.

For the profile page

  • If I don't have a website or blog, will this be a problem in setting the profile up? No, no problem. The profile can be set up with or without a website link, and with or without a blog link. These can be added later if you so choose.
  • What if I have more than one link I want featured? You can have as many links as you wish, say up to 10 max.

How does this work?
Have a look at Hugh, Sonja, and Jonty's pages for examples... to have a look, click on the underlined bits called links [for newbies].

You need a good picture of yourself, a write-up of what you've done in the literary world, something personal, something funny or quixotic (if you wish), where people can get hold of you (if you want them to get hold of you) where they can buy your books, poetry, CDs, or other products [we can help you with this if you have things you want to sell but don't know where... check out our other services at Hugh's Hodge-Podge-Services and Sonies Services].

Submit your short stories, flash fiction, poems, poetry, essays, reviews, or other literature for contribution to New Contrast

Please let us know if you have any more questions Contact us

Links to other web blog posts for Contributors and Submissions

Get Published in New Contrast

Contributions to New Contrast need to use Automated Process

Contributors need to be subscribed to New Contrast

Contributors can have their own webpage on New Contrast Website

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Contrast Issue 153

New Contrast Issue 153 is out

March 2011 Volume 39 number 1

You can check who contributed their stories, poetry, and other literary works to New Contrast Issue 153. Check out the Editor's notes and contents here New Contrast Issue 153 .

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New Contrast Director Stephen Watson passed away

We say 'farewell' to Stephen Watson

It is with deep sadness that we have to take leave of Stephen Watson, who passed away a week ago and was buried on Friday 15 April. Stephen Watson was Director of new Contrast for a number of years.

Thank you! and Goodbye!